Simple Photo Gallery v1.2

Simple Photo Gallery is back with a new version. I have updated this script with categories support. The only thing you have to do is making the maps in the “./images/” map and the Simple Photo Gallery v1.2 will do the rest (Making thumbnails) just like the old one. There is also a opportunity to upload your images with a form, this one is also available for your visitors.


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The setup is very simple,
unpack and copy all the files into a folder on your server.
Open ‘config.php’ and edit the variables in the file.
set the permission of your ‘images’ folder to 777.
Upload some cool photo’s to ‘images’ map.
Goto the ‘index.php’ and enjoy your gallery.
TIP: You can easy include this gallery to your excisting page by:

include 'index.php'; //this is the file of the gallery


Download: Simple Photo Gallery V1.2
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