My Photo Gallery v1.0

My Photo Gallery is a free is a user-friendly picture gallery script.
Users can register and upload their images to the site. A moderator can see the images and validate, edit or delete them.
The script comes with a very user friendly admin system where you can change and add many things such as: Categories, Images, Edit members, site looks and many more.
When an image is uploaded there will be made a thumbnail (120px) and a bigger image (680px) for decreasing server load and bandwidth. (Image widths can be also changed in the admin menu).
My Photo Gallery has an optional user selectable theme system with a number of themes pre-installed, You can select your theme in the admin menu.

any webserver, Apache recommended.
PHP 5.3.22 and PHP 7 is supported
mySQL 5.5.27 or better.

Host this script for free:

Web hosting

Unpack and copy all files in the .zip to a folder on your server.
CHMOD uploads, uploads/orginal and uploads/thumbs to 777.
Make a mysql database (or use a old one).
edit the file ‘config.php’ with your database settings.
Goto the install dir: ‘’
edit some variables and press the button.
Login to your admin panel ‘’
Now you can change everything in the admin menu to your wish.


You can see a demo of this script HERE
When you log in with: Username = “Admin” and Password = “password” you can access the admin menu. (Some things are disabled).


Download: My Photo Gallery 1.0
Clicks: 29, Filesize: 393.6 KB, Date: 28 Aug. 2018

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