4-Way Break-Out

Can you handle 4 bats at the same time?

4-Way Break-Out is a Break out based game.
The idea is the same but now you must control not 1 bat but 4 bats at the same time.
Can you handle 4 bats at the same time and make your room empty?
There are also some extra’s to catch while you playing:

* Extra Ball
* Extra Points
* Extra Life
* Bigger Bat
* Smaller Bat (Yes it is there to make it a little more difficult.)

When you load the game you will play a random room, when you finish it you will get a other random room on this way you will never know what is coming.

On the main screen you will see your own high-score so you can try to beat yourself over and over again. and there is a button to set it to zero again.

Have fun and keep the ball(s) in the field.
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