Gridlock is a game where you can test your speed when you control a computer mouse. There are many different rooms where you can test your skills.

You have to follow the green line with your mouse as fast as you can, when you leave the green zone you will get a message.

Are you the fastest?
When you beat your personal time the game will submit and you can see how you are doing against the rest of the world.

You can see the rankings here

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4-Way Break-Out

Can you handle 4 bats at the same time?

4-Way Break-Out is a Break out based game.
The idea is the same but now you must control not 1 bat but 4 bats at the same time.
Can you handle 4 bats at the same time and make your room empty?
There are also some extra’s to catch while you playing:

* Extra Ball
* Extra Points
* Extra Life
* Bigger Bat
* Smaller Bat (Yes it is there to make it a little more difficult.)

When you load the game you will play a random room, when you finish it you will get a other random room on this way you will never know what is coming.

On the main screen you will see your own high-score so you can try to beat yourself over and over again. and there is a button to set it to zero again.

Have fun and keep the ball(s) in the field.
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